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We help brands live up
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Ketai B.V.

Established and invested by Shandong Haili Group Co., Ltd in 2011 as a long-term development strategy for being the only Headquarter business portal in Europe.

Focused and committed in creating, investing and establishing projects between Europe and China.

Ketai has the knowledge and network with developed sales and distribution channels that covers Beijing, Shandong, Guangdong, Netherlands, UK, Germany and other second tiers cities.

Specialized in bridging Europe and China, whereby our projects and clients are able to over come cultural dialogue gaps and guaranteed to avoid unexpected difficulties and pitfalls.

Cooperating extensively with world’s leading services firms to deploy and achieve efficient services with unparalleled solutions that may be otherwise unavailable.

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Shandong Haili Group Co. Ltd - Mother Company

Shandong Haili Group

Mother Company

The company has a capital accumulated over more than 1 billion Euro and has more than 12 affiliated companies in different business group ventures. Ketai is their HQ portal in Europe.

Wanzo Software Technology Group - Partner

Shandong Wanzo Group


The company is the leading IT Software Group in oilfield application and development, software outsourcing and system integration. Ketai is their HQ Outsource Portal in Europe.

Jomec Legal Business Portal - Partner



Jomec is particularly experienced in assisting cross-culture legal integration between Europe and China, in respect of strategy, legal, financial, government relations and M&A transactions.

Holland Modern Agricultural Technology B.V.



Holland Modern Agricultural Technology B.V. is the leading Group in agricultural greenhouse application development and integration between China and Europe. Ketai is their Partner Portal in Europe.




HMY (HUIMEIYI) is an populair online business trading platform. Ketai works in partnership with HMY and makes use of their sales distribution channels in China.

MiniFc Dongying Tianyun Culture Media Group

Dongying Tianyu Group


Dongying Tianyu Culture Media Group organize culture media exchange programs. They also offer children "future experience" for their dreams with their "Mini Future City" program.

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Timesaving RESEARCH

Multilingual Administration

Oversea Business Migration

  • Wanzo Software Technology

    Launch Outsource Portal "Wanzo Europe BV" in Europe

    Wanzo Software

    Wanzo offers IT out-scourcing from program planning and implementations. Ketai establish and maintain outsourcing projects for oilfield software applications and developments.

  • Business Migration Netherlands

    Launch Channel "Business Migration" Netherlands


    In cooperation with Dutch legal intuitions, Ketai opens up a business migration channel for Chinese companies. It also provides consultation for family migration through real estate in Austria.

  • Web Design Bureau iDesignz Rotterdam

    Internet Marketing Agency Venture

    An specialised web design bureau in Rotterdam with supported Dutch / English / Chinese languages that takes care of product landing pages, online marketing, websites and promotional stationary for partners and venture projects.

  • Shandong Haili Investment Project

    Launch Channel of "Openhaard" in China

    Shandong Haili

    Ketai sets up import / export channel between Europe and China for it's Mother Company Shandong Haili Group of luxury fireplaces for Chinese consumer as well for the business market.

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